Looking for the Perfect Screen-free Activity for Your Kids?

Each of the fun and easy kids' crafts in this ebook have been inspired by a beloved children's classic.

  • Spark creativity and imagination
  • Promote a greater love of reading
  • Engage children in story telling
  • Create treasured family memories
  • Your price: only $9!

The Books we used for inspiration:

  • The Day the Crayons Quit
  • Dragons Love Tacos
  • Where the Wild Things Are
  • Julian is a Mermaid
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • Flora and the Flamingo
  • Barnyard Dance
  • The Little Blue Truck
  • Pigeon Needs a Bath
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • The Snowy Day
  • Elmer
  • One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Meet Joy.

Hi!  My name is Joy, and I am the founder and chief creator at “In the Bag Kids’ Crafts”.  As a pediatric occupational therapist, I have developed a passion for helping parents truly connect with their children in meaningful ways through hands-on activities, while also helping kids develop skills needed to be successful in school and life.  It is truly my belief that the best way to do that is through play, and especially through the creative process (like doing crafts)!  But life is busy!!!  So, I have designed a unique approach that makes creating with your family actually do-able and enjoyable, not just one more stress-filled thing on the to-do list.  We do this by keeping the crafts simple and making each one from the SAME master list of supplies which fit into one bag.  REALLY!  

And now I have brought together your children's favorite books with the power of creativity! You will want to make every single one of these little gems...from the Wild Thing monsters...to the taco eating dragon...to the crayons that quit. It's time to start crafting memories with your family!

"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning. ~Mr. Rogers

Trying to get your Kids to READ more (and LOVE it)?

Adding a hands-on element to reading can really elevate your child's interest as well as the learning that is taking place.



What ages is this ebook for?

These book inspired crafts are best for kids ages 3 to 7, but can be enjoyed by kids of any age really

How long does each craft take?

The time frame for each craft varies, starting with a simple 15 minutes craft (like the crayons or mermaid) to 30 minutes or more, depending on how much time you want to spend. There may be ones that you want to make a bunch of, like the Wild Thing monsters or Barnyard Dance animals. It is easy to get caught up in the story and craft for a longer period if you choose.

What if my kid doesn't like crafting or can't sit still?

No problem! It's true that some kids don't take to crafting right away, especially ones that are high energy. But, in the end, I haven't found a kid that doesn't eventually love to make things. Just take it a little bit at a time. Let your kiddo explore the materials. Encouragement movement breaks. You can even use a timer to alternate between crafting and activities like having a snack or a dance break. Keep increasing the crafting time and reducing the movement time gradually to promote focus and attending skills. You will be happy that you stuck with it. The benefits of crafting together are exponential.

What if I need help?

I am always just an email away to answer any questions you may have. OR you can pop into the "In the Bag Kids' Crafts" Facebook group to chat.

And don't miss out on these BONUSES!

Reading & Crafting...what better way to promote cognition, fine motor skills, imagination, focus, problem solving and so much more...all while having fun!


Learn the secrets to finding time to create with your kids, even when life is hectic! Because crafting is not just for the crafty, it is for everyone! And at "In the Bag Kids' Crafts" we have figured out the trick for making crafting memories together actually possible! Find out more...